Jackson Senior Research Fellow Yadvinder Malhi Becomes Trustee of Natural History Museum

  • Professor Yadvinder Malhi standing in a rainforest
27 May, 2020

Jackson Senior Research Fellow in Biodiversity and Conservation, Professor Yadvinder Malhi FRS, has been appointed as a Trustee of London's Natural History Museum.

Yadvinder has been a Research Fellow at Oriel since 2005, and he leads the Ecosystems Programme of Oxford's Environmental Change Institute. The programme is composed of an Ecosystems Lab focused on the natural science of tropical forests and global change, and a Forest Governance Group focussed on social science and policy issues around the protection of tropical forests.

Yadvinder usually spends a good deal of time out in the field with his team, often in remote rain forest locations in Asia, Africa and the Amazon and Andes region, collecting data and linking it to models and satellite data to address global issues surrounding tropical forests. His team also has an active programme of research at Oxford University-owned Wytham Woods, where they have established a forest ecology and climate change monitoring station.

Yadvinder is also Director of the Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests and the Oxford University Biodiversity Network. He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2017.

Of his appointment by the Natural History Museum, Yadvinder says: “I have been enthralled by the Natural History Museum since my first visits as a child, and I am delighted to now be joining it as a Trustee. I believe no entity in the UK better celebrates the magnificence of the natural world.

I am particularly excited in helping the Museum become a leader and partner in helping address what I see as the great challenges of our time: tackling climate change and the restoration of the natural world, both within the United Kingdom and internationally. The Museum brings a wealth of scientific expertise, practical experience and public reach that has so much potential to make a really significant contribution to tackling these challenges.”

Yadvinder was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Museum by the Prime Minister, and will begin with an initial four-year term.