New Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion Admitted to Governing Body

  • Professor Mark Wynn wearing academic dress in front of a stone wall
15 October, 2020

Professor Mark Wynn, the new Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion, was admitted to Oriel's Governing Body in a small socially-distanced ceremony in the College Chapel on 14th October 2020.

Professor Wynn arrived at Oriel over the summer from the University of Leeds, where he was Professor of Philosophy and Religion from 2013 to 2020. He is no stranger to Oxford, having completed both his BA in Philosophy & Theology and his DPhil at the University of Oxford. His DPhil was completed under the supervision of Brian Davies OP, and Richard Swinburne, Emeritus Fellow and former Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion (1985-2002).

Professor Wynn's research encompasses the broad area of philosophical theology. His research has focused upon questions such as: the distinctive character of the goods to which religious and spiritual traditions are directed; the structure of such traditions, including the connection between their practical and creedal commitments; the relationship between the various vocabularies that are used to describe, from the insider’s perspective, progress in the spiritual life; the epistemic significance of tradition in religious contexts; and the relationship between the concept of God and accounts of spiritual well-being.

In general, his research rests on the thought that religious traditions constitute extended experiments in human possibilities - and the belief that in some cases, the careful retrieval of those traditions can throw new light on contemporary questions about how to live well.

On returning to Oxford as Nolloth Professor, Professor Wynn said: "I am delighted to be back in Oxford, and to hold the position that my DPhil supervisor held with such great distinction - and I look forward to playing a full part in the life of the College".

Professor Wynn is the seventh person to hold the post of Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion since the chair was founded in 1920 through an endowment by Charles Frederick Nolloth. We are delighted to welcome him to Oriel.