Oriel’s Library Marks Mental Health Awareness Week With New Resources

  • Screenshots of Instagram posts from Oriel Library marking Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Picture of a stone wall with bunting and posters and messages with a positivity message
28 May, 2021

With Trinity term in full swing and with many students in the midst of examinations, the Library team collated some new resources to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, which ran from 10th – 16th May. The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week was ‘nature’.

The Library’s new and expanding Wellbeing Collection includes books recommended and suggested by students and members of College staff. The books in the collection include many ‘traditional’ wellbeing and welfare books, but there are also plenty of feel-good fiction and inspiring non-fiction reads. The purpose of the collection is to support the College’s students and staff as they navigate their way through what has been a very stressful year for many, and to remind them that it is important to take some time for themselves.

The Wellbeing Collection is one of a number of positivity initiatives being led by the Library team. They’ve also created an ‘Uplifting Music’ playlist on Spotify (recommendations welcome), and have just unveiled a new ‘Positivity Wall’ at the entrance to the Library.

The team have also created a virtual book display for books relating to stress management here.  

Oriel’s Librarian Hannah Robertson said of the initiative: “Both literally and figuratively the Library is central for most people at Oriel. The last year has been difficult and has challenged many people’s definition of what a Library does. Libraries are so much more than just study spaces and shelves. Behind the scenes the Library team are constantly working to provide a safe, accessible and welcoming space for all our students. We were extremely fortunate to have many generous Alumni donations for the Library last year which have allowed us to support our readers in all sorts of new and creative ways. The Wellbeing section and positivity initiatives are just small but important parts of that.”

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