Oriel Choir on Tour 2019

  • Oriel Choir on top of the clock tower in front quad
  • Oriel College Choir standing on the Hall steps in Front Quad
27 June, 2019

This July the Oriel Chapel Choir will be going on tour to the Czech Republic.

Starting their first concert in Brno, the second largest city of the country, the choir will perform in the Cathedral of Peter and Paul on Petrov Hill on Thursday 4 July, 6.30pm. This concert forms part of Brno’s annual organ festival.

The choir’s next stop is the capital city, Prague, where they will sing at the Hussite Evangelical Church of St Martin-in-the-Wall in the Old Town of Prague on Friday 5 July at 6pm.

On Saturday they will make a trip to the small town of Blatná, where they will sing in Blatná Castle at 3pm.

The choir will be back in Prague on the final day of the tour, where they will be singing at the Sunday Mass of St Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle.

In the previous year, the choir's annual tour took them to Munich, Germany.

2019 Tour Schedule

4th July – Brno, Cathedral of Peter and Paul, 6.30pm

5th July – Prague, Hussite Evangelical Church of St Martin-in-the-Wall, 6pm

6th July – Blatná, Blatná Castle, 3pm

7th July – Prague, Sunday Mass at St Vitus Cathedral