Oriel Crews Take Torpids Double Headship

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    Oriel's victorious M1 and W1 crews
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    Oriel's W1 crew
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    Oriel's M1 crew closing in on Pembroke
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    Oriel's M1 crew
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5 March, 2018

There were double celebrations in College this weekend, as Oriel's two First Eight crews secured a Torpids Double Headship for the first time since 2006.

It was a truncated Torpids competition this year, with racing cancelled on Thursday and Friday due to the bad weather, so the crews were really under pressure to make each race count.

There was a full day of racing on the first day of the competition, and all of Oriel's five boats rowed well. M3 gained two bumps and M2 one in what would be their only day of rowing (a decision was made on Saturday that only the higher divisions would race, as conditions were still quite poor), and W2 rowed over to remain in 10th place in Division III. In the top divisions, M1 came close to Pembroke but couldn't quite get the bump and remained in second place, while W1 rowed over to remain Head of the River.

The crews all kept their fingers crossed for racing on Thursday and Friday, but alas it was not to be, and even Saturday was looking doubtful at one stage. The decision to go ahead with the racing for the top divisions on Saturday was a very welcome one, and was thanks in no small part to all the college crews clubbing together to help clear the paths along the river.

W1 were the first Oriel crew to row on Saturday, and they held off Wadham to retain their Headship - the first time an Oriel women's crew has ever achieved that feat.

M1 then took to the water and they placed sustained pressure on Pembroke which eventually led to a bump just level with the Pembroke boathouse, giving M1 their first Torpids Headship since 2006. 

This outstanding result means that Oriel still has the most Torpids successes of any Oxford college, having claimed 36 Headships. Oriel is also the only college to have ever held the Double Headship in this competition.

Congratulations to all of the crews, and we are already looking forward to next year's racing!

W1 Crew

Cox: Eddie Shields; Stroke: Lara Bonney; 7: Sally Foster; 6: Charlotte Nugent ; 5: Aysha Strachan; 4: Emily Navidi; 3: Eleanor Thomson; 2: Grace Lissenden; Bow: Eleanor Juckes.

M1 Crew

Cox: Sophia Fearon; Stroke: Achim Harzheim; 7: Robert Boswall; 6: Louis Lamont; 5: Hal Frigaard; 4: Zachary Zajicek; 3: Phil Grünewald; 2: Jan Ole Ernst; Bow: Simon Bevan.