Oriel Students Winners of Oxford Student Switch Off 2017-18

  • Student Switch Off
4 June, 2018

Oriel students have been named as winners of the NUS Oxford Student Switch Off, a not-for-profit campaign that encourages students to save energy when living in University halls of residence.

The competition was scored by giving Colleges a rank of 'Platinum', 'Gold', 'Silver' or 'Bronze in seven separate tasks/categories, with Oriel gaining Platinum status in five of the eight scoring categories, as well as in the final overall score. Categories measured in scoring the competition were: Sign up; Training; Quiz 1; Quiz 2; Photos; Recycling/reuse; Events.

Oriel had the second highest proportion of student sign ups to the campaign, with just over 50% of the student population taking part (this amounted to 247 students from the JCR and MCR). 97 students took part in the first quiz (earning a 'Gold'), and a staggering 237 took part in the second quiz (over 48% of the total student population of the college). Oriel also scored very highly on the number of photos submitted showing students taking steps to reduce their energy use in college, with 489 photos submitted throughout the campaign.

Oriel achieved 'Platinum' status once again in the 'Recycling/reuse' category, and illustrated evidence of recycling facilities in College, communications to all students about conserving energy, food waste recycling and the pool bike scheme. In terms of events, Oriel was again scored as 'Platinum', with students organising vegetarian formals, a special Welfare Tea on food waste, an environmental movie night, and Switch Off Sixth Week.

Congratulations to all of the Oriel students who contributed to the Student Switch Off! As a prize, the students have won £250 to go towards their end-of-year garden party.