Oriel Talks: Differences and Diversity

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3 May, 2016

The first Oriel Talks of Trinity Term will take place on Tuesday 3rd May and will be on the topic of 'Differences and Diversity'. Talks will begin at 5.30pm in the Harris Lecture Theatre.

Difference. A point or way in which people or things are dissimilar. 

Diversity. Showing a great deal of variety; very different.

Two words. Similar meaning? Our three talks this evening are taken from a huge variety of backgrounds, subject areas and topics. Discussing the drive to understand cancer, considering the diversity of truth and a scruitiny of how we talk about racial equality.

Talks and speakers:

‘True’ as Polysemous – Andy Yu (Oriel SCR)

In this talk, Andy proposes that paradoxes of truth suggest that the expression “true” and related expressions, such as “says” and “false,” are polysemous, and thus ambiguous. This proposal challenges the default assumption in philosophy that expressions are unambiguous. Andy provides independent motivation for the proposal on the basis of considerations having to do with the extensibility of concepts in general.
Heterogeneity in Cancer – Challenges and Opportunities – Sam Olyha (Oriel MCR)

In this talk, Sam will discuss tumour heterogeneity in cancer and the challenges it presents for predicting cancer progression, the emergence of resistance, and patient response to treatment. Sam will also discuss how researchers are developing techniques and treatments to try and stay one step ahead of the evolving cancer, and how her research fits into this.
The Language of Diversity – Carmen Thong (Oriel MCR)

“The Language of Diversity” is interested in talking about how we talk about racial equality. Based on Sara Ahmed’s On Being Included, Carmen will touch briefly on the tactics of rhetoric in such discussions. Primarily, she will be questioning the meanings and functions of keywords like ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, and how they are a part of our ‘interminable recitation of stories’ (de Certeau).
Oriel Talks is an initiative by the Middle Common Room to promote the research interests of members across the College. With contributions from SCR, MCR & JCR members, and the whole College invited, the aim is to prompt wider academic debate amongst members. 
The event is free and is open to members of all common rooms and staff. The event will be followed by a cross common room dinner for those who attended the talks, along with Second Desserts hosted by the MCR. The dinner will be charged at the normal rate for SCR members. JCR and MCR members will pay the normal formal hall price for their high table dinner.
Places are limited and will be given on a first come - first served basis.
Booking for the event is now open via the MCR website.