Professor Annette Volfing Publishes New Book

  • The Daughter Zion Allegory in Medieval German Religious Writing
22 June, 2017

Fellow in Modern Languages Professor Annette Volfing has recently published a new book with Routledge, entitled: The Daughter Zion Allegory in Medieval German Religious Writing.

Professor Volfing's book explores the uses of the Daughter Zion allegory in medieval German and Dutch religious writing. This allegory eroticizes the relationship between Christ and the human soul and lends itself “to an exploration of the medieval sense of self; of the scope of human agency within the mystical encounter; of the gendering of the religious subject; of conceptions of space and enclosure; and of fantasies of violence and aggression."

Professor Volfing is Oriel's Fellow and Tutor in German. She is a medievalist with particular interest in later medieval religious, mystical, philosophical or allegorical writing. Professor Volfing was also named as a Fellow of the British Academy in 2015 in recognition of her outstanding research.