Professor Ian Horrocks Receives Honorary Doctorate from the University of Oslo

  • Professor Ian Horrocks receiving honorary doctorate from the University of Oslo
12 September, 2017

Fellow and Professor in Computer Science Ian Horrocks received his honorary doctorate at a ceremony at the University of Oslo on 3rd September.

The award was conferred by Svein Stølen, Rector of the University of Oslo, and Morten Dæhlen, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. 

Professor Horrocks is credited with playing a leading role in establishing the Semantic Web as a significant research field, and his work has helped to enhance the ability of computers to use information to solve complex tasks. This work is helping to transfor the Internet into a uniform web of data that both humans and computers can easily understand. Professor Horrocks has been a Fellow at Oriel since 2007, and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2011.

A member of Academia Europaea and fellow of the European AI Society (ECCAI), Professor Horrocks has ties to the University of Oslo's Department of Informatics, and helped to establish a data science group there. He has also worked with the department to attract the EU project Optique and to coordinate the Centre for Scalable Data Access (SIRIUS), a Centre for Research Based Innovation.