Recent Graduate Rowan Milligan Publishes Undergraduate Thesis

  • Anarchist Studies
    Anarchist Studies artwork by Seth Tobocman
7 February, 2017

Recent graduate Rowan Milligan (History, 2012) has had her undergraduate thesis published in 'Anarchist Studies', an academic journal published by Lawrence & Wishart.

The title of Rowan’s article is: The Politics of the Crowbar: Squatting in London, 1968-1977 and it is currently freely available to read online.

In her article, Rowan argues that the London squatting movement of 1968-77 was a key radical social movement which redefined the ownership of space and politicised housing. Rowan also argues that all squatting is political and that it forces confrontation with the state.

Rowan graduated from Oriel in 2015 and she is currently working towards completing a two-year Masters course in Urban Studies called 4CITIES, which sees her spending a semester in each of four European capital cities: Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Madrid.

It is relatively unusual for a graduate to have their thesis published so soon after graduation, and when asked what advice she would give for others hoping to do the same, Rowan replied: “Go ahead and send it out, I didn't think my thesis was that good but it turned out other people did. Focus on second tier peer review journals I guess because they are less discriminatory against non-PHD holders.”