Speakers Announced for Inaugural David N. Lyon Speaker Series on "The Politics of Sex and Gender Equality in Diverse Societies"

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15 December, 2021

We are delighted to announce the speakers for the inaugural David N. Lyon Speaker Series on "The Politics of Sex and Gender Equality in Diverse Societies", which has been co-organised by David N. Lyon Scholar and Oriel DPhil student Geertje Bol and Fellow in Politics Professor Teresa Bejan. The series of six talks will run throughout Hilary and Trinity terms 2022.

Modern liberal democracies like the United Kingdom face many challenges in achieving full equality and inclusion for all of their members. Coexistence under conditions of deep diversity has never been easy; equality is even harder. In particular, tensions can and do arise when the equal recognition of sexual orientations and/or gender identities confronts the corresponding claims of religious and cultural traditions and their members. How can these competing claims be accommodated? Can they be reconciled? Or must they be transformed?

The David N. Lyon Scholarship in Politics, of which DPhil student Geertje Bol is the first recipient, was launched thanks to a generous benefaction made by Orielensis David N. Lyon and is intended to support and drive forward research at the intersection between law, cultural traditions and religion. As part of her work this year, Geertje has arranged for a series of six talks to take place in College looking at contemporary issues in sex and gender equality.

The free talks are open to all, although we ask attendees to please book a space in advance to enable us to keep track of numbers. You can book via the links below. Each talk will be followed by a drinks reception for attendees.

Dates and Speakers

Hilary Term 2022

Trinity Term 2022