Statement on 2020 A-Level Results and Admissions

  • View of Oriel College through the Library window
17 August, 2020

Oriel College is pleased to congratulate an extraordinary number of our undergraduate offer holders who successfully met their offer conditions this year, enough to fill our normal annual intake of students. The 2020 intake includes the overwhelming majority of offer-holders who were identified as potentially disadvantaged.

We have received messages from alumni and students concerned about the impact of this year’s A-level results on our applicants and we would like to provide some reassurance. We applied the same rigorous standards we use every year in reviewing those who were unsuccessful in meeting their offers. Our decisions are based on all the evidence available to us besides A-level results such as school references, predicted grades, contextual data, interview performance and aptitude test results.

As in normal years a few candidates missed their offers by a small margin. We were pleased to grant clemency to all of those candidates we identified as most disadvantaged and to all Opportunity Oxford candidates. We have taken additional students up to our maximum accommodation capacity to ensure that every available room is filled. Having reached capacity, we have guaranteed deferred entry for 2021 to any remaining offer holders who successfully appeal their grades.

We understand that this has been a very stressful time for A-level students and their families. We are watching the situation closely and will continue to follow the policy agreed by the University.

For more information about the University-wide picture on admissions this year, please see: