Sweet Slices of History

  • Marjory Szurko
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27 November, 2018

A massive congratulations to Marjory Szurko, Oriel’s former Librarian, on the debut of her book, Sweet Slices of History. A launch party was held on 26 November to celebrate this achievement.

Many at Oriel will remember Marjory’s famous Edible Exhibitions – a biennial tradition featuring the spectacular recreation of historical recipes for sweet dishes. Now all of these recipes, and many more, have been collected and put together in her book entitled, Sweet Slices of History.

The book tells the fascinating story of the creation of sweet dishes and cakes from historical recipes in today’s setting – from Courtly Cuisine in the fourteenth century to Country House Confections in the early twentieth century.

A launch party was held at the SCR on 26 November, which proved to be a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Thirty individual dishes (‘Gyngerbrede’, ‘Spinage in Paste Baked’, and ‘Almond Jumballs’ to list a few) that feature in the book were beautifully recreated and available for guests to sample. Not only were the dishes exquisitely crafted, such as the leaf-shaped Short Cakes from the nineteenth century, many took several days to prepare.

Amidst sampling the various treats, guests had the opportunity to buy the book and have it signed by Marjory. You can get a copy of Sweet Slices of History online here.