Vote for Oriel Alumnus Shortlisted for NASA and SOCOM 'CubeSat Challenge' Prize

  • LSAT - Low Signal Acquisition and Tracking
    LSAT - Low Signal Acquisition and Tracking, entry for CubeSat Challenge 2017
14 November, 2017

Oriel alumnus Hugo Shelley (Physics and Philosophy, 2004) is part of a team who have reached the final round of NASA's 'CubeSat Challenge', with voting for the winner closing in the early hours of 17th November.

Hugo and his team are the only UK entrants shortlisted for the voting stage of the prize, and they are up against teams from the University of Toronto and the University of Maryland, as well as 17 other teams and individuals.

The 'CubeSat Challenge' is set by NASA and The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and asked entrants to "Propose new or innovative CubeSat payload technology/use concepts that can be demonstrated to support The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) missions within 12-24 months". The winner will be decided by public vote.

The design (called LSAT, pictured above) put forward by Hugo and his team is a new kind of micro-satellite for emergency communication and search & rescue. Around the size of a loaf of bread and orbiting at 500km above the earth’s surface, it scans and locates weak signals from emergency beacons, handheld radios and remote sensors. You can watch a video demo here.

Vote for Hugo and his team here:

Voting closes at 4.59am (GMT) on 17th November.