History and Economics

Striking workers picketing a reality company in New York ca. 1936-42

History and Economics are fascinating subjects to study side-by-side, and their long relationship has led to the growth of the distinctive discipline of Economic History.

Looking at long-term economic trends and explaining divergences is one aspect of this exciting area, but using economic theory and quantitative methods to examine particular historical issues is another. The compulsory and significant Economics element of this course makes it a real alternative to PPE for students interested in the interaction of the humanities and the social sciences.

Students who study History and Economics may if they choose specialise primarily in either History or Economics, while still preserving the benefits of an integrated approach.

Further Reading

Those interested in applying for History and Economics who wish to do some further reading on Economics can find a reading list here with titles recommended by our Tutors (this list is the one given to incoming Freshers for summer reading).

Admissions criteria

Short-listing by History Aptitude Test (which will feature an Economics question) and GCSE results (contextualized by school performance data). Admission by written work, test result, interviews and AAA at A-level or equivalent. There are no required subjects, and we consider applicants who do not have A-level History, but A-level (or at least GCSE or AS-level) Maths would be an advantage.

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