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Supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Disability and EDI Lead for Students

The Academic Registrar, Joseph Cole, provides support for students with mental health difficulties, physical or mental disabilities, learning difficulties, chronic diseases or illnesses and physical impairments. He can also be approached by students who may have special requirements due to their religious beliefs and students who will require a special diet or accommodation during their time in College. Joseph can provide information on support available to students and help to make alternative arrangements or adjustments to exams when needed.

If you know you will require adjustments (e.g. additional time, use of word processor, written instructions etc.) for exams, please contact Joseph as soon as possible. Joseph is happy to talk to students about their individual needs.

Contact the Academic Registrar

Equality Committee

College’s Equality Committee is made up of staff and student representatives and meets once per term (three times per year) to discuss issues related to EDI within College. Anyone wishing to submit an agenda item for Equality Committee should do so either via their MCR or JCR representative, or via the Chair of the Committee.

Contact the Chair of College’s Equality Committee

Student Representatives

The undergraduate (JCR) and postgraduate (MCR) communities elect representatives each year to drive forward EDI progress in College, and to support their fellow students. For the JCR this includes: Women’s Officer; Equalities Officer; Ethnic Minorities Officer; Disabilities and Mental Health Officer; LGBTQ+ Officer; Class and Access Officer. The MCR representatives include: Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Officer; Women’s Officer; LGBTQ Officer. More information can be found on the JCR or MCR websites.

Visit the MCR website
Visit the JCR website

Reporting Concerns

While we strive to create a welcoming community for all of our students, we recognise that sometimes a student may have a negative experience. Following feedback from members of the student community, we created a ‘Racial Concerns Form’ which can be filled out online by any student who wishes to inform the College of a negative experience or any concerns they have had during their time here, in particular if it is in relation to their race or racial identity.

Concerns submitted via this form will help the Welfare Team to address the experiences of students in College more generally. Submissions will only be accessed by members of the Welfare Team. We also encourage any instances of racism or harassment to be reported to the Welfare Team.

Access the ‘Racial Concerns Form’

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