Lyndal Roper 2011-present

Lyndal Roper is the first woman, and the first Australian, to hold the Regius chair. Her most recent publication is a biography of Martin Luther (2016), which was preceded by books on women, morality and religion – The Holy Household (1989), and a succession of hugely influential works on witchcraft in early-modern European history – Oedipus and the Devil (1994), Witch Craze (2004), and The Witch in the Western Imagination (2012).


As a historian of gender and dreams she continues to extend the subject-matter of history and to inspire students. Like John Elliott she has been an editor of Past and Present, and has had a long involvement with the radical History Workshop Journal. Commenting on ‘psychohistory’ as an approach she has said that ‘historical interpretation ... nearly always depends at base on the assumption of a measure of resemblance’ between the historian and the people they study. It is a comment on the journey historical study has taken since 1866 that while Stubbs may well have agreed with that sentiment, its context is likely to have confounded him.