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2022 Elis White Memorial Trophy Winner: Bea Vernon

Oriel Provost Presents the Elis Memoroal Trophy to

On the 8th of June, Bea was awarded the prize, which was presented by the Provost.

The Elis White Memorial Trophy was created in memory of Elis Rhisiart White (1984-2008), who studied PPE at Oriel from 2002 to 2005 and was an active member of the Oriel College Boat Club (OCBC).

Since 2010, the Memorial Trophy has been awarded annually to the Club’s most improved novice in recognition of their efforts and progress made during the year.

Elis, who attended Porthcawl Comprehensive School in Wales, had always been enthusiastic about and committed to sport. He was a Tottenham Hotspur fan and loved playing football and rugby, and represented Glamorgan at cricket whilst at school.

His introduction to rowing came in his first year at Oriel. Despite his initial impression that the sport was not for him, as training started too early in the morning, Elis very soon became an avid enthusiast. He worked tirelessly to achieve his goal of making the Men’s First Boat, which went on to have many years of Torpids headship success. Elis enjoyed the camaraderie of team sport, and he felt it particularly strongly when in the boat.

In memory of Elis’s life and his passion for rowing, in 2008 Elis’s family created the Elis White Memorial Trophy to recognise the achievements of novice rowers. His family says, “We felt that above all else at Oriel, Elis was happiest when involved with the Boat Club. He would be delighted to think that each year another novice rower would be recognised for efforts in the cause of Oriel.”

Previous recipients of the Elis White Memorial Trophy

2022                      Bea Vernon

2021                      Harriet Tubb

2020                      Peter Morris

2019                       Hannah Nentwich

2018                       Charles Fletcher

2017                       Edward Shields

2016                       Josie Wilkes

2015                       Sam Olyha

2014                       Ciara Lenoach

2013                       Alec Trigger

2012                       Callum Arnold

2011                       Bridget Fryer

2010                       Oliver Bent