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Commander of UK Space Command speaks about space and security at Oriel College

Established in 2021 by the UK government, UK Space Command is the country’s defence lead for space operations, space workforce and space capability. Major General Tedman, who was appointed Commander in May 2024, brought a wealth of experience, having recently returned from a secondment to the United States Space Force.

Major General Tedman discussed the growing importance of space in contemporary security dynamics, emphasising its role in current conflicts.

The talk, conducted under the Chatham House Rule for the discussion, provided an opportunity for students to learn about the relevance of space for security and warfare. Although the specifics of the discussion remain confidential, it covered a range of topics including the use of space for satellites, weapons, communications and surveillance and the broader implications of space on global security.

Attendees were able to pose questions and engage in discussions about the force’s policies and strategies. Discussions also covered emerging technologies and the necessity of cooperation across military forces, nations, and the private sector. Students gained insights into the rapidly evolving technological landscape and the multifaceted challenges and opportunities space presents.

Following the formal talk, Major General Tedman joined students at Formal Hall, where conversations continued. His visit underscored the significance of engaging the next generation in discussions about the future of security and technology.

“I’m grateful to the Stubbs Society and I am proud that College hosted such a distinguished speaker and look forward to continuing to provide platforms for critical discussions that shape our understanding of global security and technological advancement,” said the Provost.