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Open for Entries: Rex Nettleford Essay Prizes on Colonialism and its Legacies

The multi-disciplinary prizes, valued at £250 each, are intended to encourage students to engage with the legacies of colonialism in all its forms – historical, political, social, cultural. Colonialism is a major theme in British history. Its legacies are all around us. By writing an essay for the prize, a student has an opportunity to uncover the enduring influence of colonialism in our society and culture and to address some of the difficult and uncomfortable questions that it poses.

The questions that will be explored during this year’s competition are:

  1. What role do the arts play in the creation or challenging of racialized hierarchies?
  2. Pick an object that you think illuminates the legacies of colonialism, and explain why and how.
  3. How long do the legacies of colonialism last?
  4. “The truth is one and same, everywhere in the universe. Therefore, proposals to de-colonise academic curricula are wrong-headed.” Discuss.

The prizes are awarded on the occasion of an annual lecture also on the topic of ‘Colonialism and its Legacies’, which will take place in Trinity Term (April-June).

The prizes and annual lecture series are dedicated to Oriel alumnus and Honorary Fellow Rex Nettleford, in recognition of his distinguished contributions in the fields of scholarship, culture, and education. You can read more about Rex Nettleford on the prize homepage.