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Oriel College to support three more AfOx Mastercard Foundation scholars

The AfOx Mastercard Foundation program aims to help African students access opportunities at the University of Oxford and thrive both during and after their time at there.

Scholarships cover stipend, travel and course fees so that students can complete one-year taught master’s courses aimed at equipping them with relevant technical, entrepreneurial and leadership skills while also giving them access to world-leading resources in their respective fields.

Tapley says, “I am delighted to support a student at Oriel by partnering with AfOx. This is a fantastic scheme and I am very much looking forward to meeting the new scholar when they arrive next academic year.”

An important and innovative aspect of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is the “Ubuntu period of service” undertaken upon completion of the master’s degree. During this second year of the program, scholars are supported and encouraged to design and deliver impactful projects based on African organisations. This could include launching start-ups or working in multinational development agencies, governments, NGOs or research institutions.

Currently finishing an MSc in Environmental Change and Management, Patricia Mativo is Oriel College’s first AfOx scholar. “I am happy to go back to Kenya. I am passionate about working with my people. The thing that gives me pleasure in life is when I really make an impact on people’s lives,” she says.

If you are interested in sponsoring one or more AfOx scholars email James Fletcher, Deputy Director of Development..  

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