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Oriel hosts Chinese ministry delegation

Oriel was honoured last week by a visit from the Chinese Vice-Minister for Education, Mr Yan Wu, with a delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Chinese Embassy.  Their visit to Oriel, hosted by Professor Chris Conlon,  allowed them to see first hand how the Oxford collegiate system works and understand why we are able to consistently produce some of the best medical minds in the country.

Oriel is well acquainted with the top Chinese universities and the outstanding quality of their students through our Visiting Students and the Oriel Summer Institute programmes.  The Vice-Minister, Oriel’s Vice Provost Mike Spivey, and Senior Tutor, Professor Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra discussed at length Oxford’s unique tutorial system, with Treasurer Margaret Jones giving insight into how Colleges are funded. 

The Vice-Minister marked the occasion with a gift to Oriel, presenting a hand-painted tea set to the Vice Provost.

The Vice-Minister was joined by members of the Ministry of Education: Mr Peng Guo, Director General for Finance; Mr Guohui Zhang, Director General for Science and Technology; Mr Bin Gao, Director for the Department of Higher Education; Ms Ying Zou, Director for the Department of International Cooperation; and Ms Jin Zhang, Minister Counsellor for Education Affairs at the Chinese Embassy to London.