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Returning student caller: Telephone Campaign about connecting alumni across generations

For this year’s Telephone Campaign, Jim Mellon (1975), Chair of the 700th anniversary campaign, has pledged to donate £50 for every phone call where alumni share a story from their time at Oriel College. This alone could raise at least £20,000, taking the anniversary campaign one step closer to raising its aim of £65m by 2026.

Hani Ali, a third-year undergraduate Law student who was a part of last year’s team of callers, said: “Campaigns like these are all about connecting alumni across generations, and last year I was thrilled to hear so many brilliant stories from the college in years past.

“It was amazing to speak with alumni about how their gifts really make a difference to students.”

In addition to raising money for student support, a key college priority, student callers this year are going to be asking alumni to support the ongoing Senior Library refurbishment project.

Alumni who donate over £500 towards the project during the campaign can sponsor a book from the Senior Library collection. Bookplates recognising donors’ contributions will be fitted to books when they return to the college in 2026.

The bookplate scheme is a “fantastic way for alumni to add their stamp the college’s heritage” while supporting a project that will “keep the Senior Library a world-class resource for future generations of students,” said Hani.

The Telephone Campaign will run between Tuesday 12 and Monday 25 March 2024.