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Torpids 2023

W1 had a very impressive campaign, with overbumps on both Wadham and Wolfson on the first two days, followed by nearly catching up with Pembroke on the following two days. Saturday saw them get within a canvas of bumping Pembroke when the division was klaxoned, leaving them narrowly missing out on becoming 2nd on the river. Needless to say, they are ready and excited to chase Pembroke again on the first day of Summer VIIIs and expect to put together another strong performance.

M1 were unfortunately bumped by strong crews from Christ Church and Wolfson, but then held their place at 3rd on the river rowing over far ahead of the crews behind. The men’s side look forward to welcoming back a number of rowers from the university rowing clubs next term to boost the crew and defend the Summer VIIIs Headship.

M2 were met with difficulty in the chaos of Division 3 with various entanglements with other boats and the bank putting them down many places, despite being one of the fastest crews in the division. W2 also faced difficulty, beginning in a high position after their blades-winning performance last year, but put in a great effort, managing to avoid spoons with a clean rowover on Saturday. With this being the first bumps campaign for many of them, they are looking forward to racing again next term. 

With both the men’s and women’s first boats 3rd on the river, and containing a majority of rowers with multiple years left of their degree, we are looking forward to coming back for Torpids 2024 with both Headships in sight.