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Torpids Success: Oriel’s Men Retain their Headship and Four Boats Win Blades

Oriel’s Men’s First boat were defending their Torpids Headship, which they have held since 2018, and all eyes were on them as racing got underway. They produced a dominant performance, rowing over in some style on all four days, not allowing strong crews from St Catz and Christ Church to challenge them and retaining their position at the Head of the River.

The Women’s First boat started the competition in third place in Division I. They rowed hard but were bumped by Univ and Wadham and finished in 5th place on the final day. They will be poised to mount a fresh challenge for the Headship next year.

The Men’s Second boat were placed 11th in Division III on the first day of rowing. They gained blades, bumping St Annes, St Anthony’s, Pembroke, Wolfson and Worcester (penalty bump) to finish in an impressive 5th place.

The Women’s Second boat had an incredible run, starting the competition placed fourth in Division IV and finishing 11th in Division III after bumping Regent’s Park, Queen’s, Somerville and Univ. They were also awarded blades.

Last but not least, the Men’s Third boat went from 11th in Division VI to 8th, bumping Wolfson, St Peter’s, Christ Church III and Christ Church IV, again gaining blades in the process.

Congratulations to all of the crews on their performances.

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