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Oriel Fellows’ spin-out Oxford Semantic Technologies acquired by Samsung Electronics

Established in 2017 by three University of Oxford professors — Ian Horrocks, Boris Motik and Bernardo Cuenca Grau — Oxford Semantic Technologies (OST) holds cutting-edge technological capabilities in the areas of knowledge representation and semantic reasoning.

OST’s innovative approach relies on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR), a branch of AI that represents a logical and knowledge-based approach. Unlike machine learning, which finds patterns in vast datasets and draws statistical outputs, KRR enables AI to draw accurate and correct conclusions, and make logical and explainable decisions based on data combined with expert knowledge.

“Samsung’s acquisition of Oxford Semantic Technologies demonstrates the potential to turn Oxford’s world-leading academic research into successful science and technology applications. Our technology is set to play a big role in the advancement of AI across a range of Samsung products including their flagship Galaxy phones, providing Samsung’s customers with even more sophisticated personalisation,” says Horrocks.

OST’s knowledge graph and reasoning software, RDFox®, will be combined with Samsung’s AI technology into devices from mobile phones to home appliances to enable a very personalised, secure user experience. This will build on OST’s technology which is already used across the financial, manufacturing and e-commerce sectors in Europe and North America.

‘We are delighted to be working with Samsung,’ said Peter Crocker, CEO of Oxford Semantic Technologies. ‘By integrating Samsung’s expertise in user experience and data with our advanced knowledge graph and reasoning technology, we will provide Samsung’s customers with even more sophisticated personalisation.

‘In addition, developing RDFox® to support AI applications with Samsung, and being part of the larger group, will provide all of our clients with an even better product, service and support.  We are grateful for our partnership with Oxford University Innovation and look forward to continued collaboration with the University of Oxford.’

Mairi Gibbs, CEO at Oxford University Innovation, said: ‘Oxford Semantic Technologies represents a significant advancement in the field of AI, showcasing how academic research can be transformed into real-world applications that drive industry innovation.

‘Their acquisition by Samsung Electronics underscores the commercial value and potential of their technology in multiple sectors. We see this catalysing further innovation and partnership in Oxford’s Deep Tech ecosystem between our academic and research community, industry and investors.’

The financial services sector is one area leveraging Oxford Semantic Technologies technology. With millions of financial transactions occurring daily, OST’s high performance knowledge reasoning capability enables autonomous complex decision-making and tracking financial crime can be performed at scale and speeds not previously possible – crucial for regulatory compliance.

In other industries, such as manufacturing and retail, OST’s technology allows engineers and designers to quickly determine the compatibility of products and parts, providing instant recommendations to customers—tasks that were previously time-consuming or nearly impossible.

RDFox® also helps with smart diagnostics in healthcare, with the detection of health issues and improving decision-making in self-driving cars, both potentially saving lives. In all these uses, logical AI provides the necessary and vital accuracy.