Dr Michael Spivey

A man with short grey hair and glasses wearing a striped blue shirt
Misys and Andersen Fellow and Tutor in Computer Science
MA, DPhil (MA Camb)

Dr Spivey is a University Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Misys and Andersen Fellow of Computer Science at Oriel College.

Research interests

Dr Spivey's main areas of research interest are compilers and programming languages, especially functional programming.

Selected publications

Understanding Z: A Specification Language and its Formal Semantics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science, No. 3, 2008. ISBN 978-0-521-05414-0.

The Z Notation: A reference manual, Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science, 1992. ISBN 0-13-978529-9.

An introduction to logic programming through Prolog, Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science, 1996. ISBN 0-13-536047-1.