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Dr Panagiotis Doudonis

LLB, MJur, MPhil, DPhil

Dr Panagiotis Doudonis has been a lecturer at Oriel since January 2018. He specializes in Constitutional and European Union law.

He holds DPhil, MPhil (Distinction) and MJur degrees from the University of Oxford as well as an LLB (Distinction) from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

He has practiced law both as a lawyer (Member of the Athens Bar Association) and legal consultant in Greece. He is Member of the Central Codification Committee of the Hellenic Republic.

Research Interests

Panagiotis’ research interests include: Constitutional law, Constitutional theory, EU Law, Jurisprudence and Administrative Law.

Selected Publications

Greece is no longer Europe’s black sheep: coronavirus, Greek government’s response and the Constitution’, UK Constitutional Law Blog (8 April 2020)

‘The heritage and the outlook of political constitutionalism, 40 years after JAG Griffith’s Chorley Lecture’, Journal of Administrative Law, 4/2018 (2019) (in Greek)

Panagiotis Doudonis and Eirini Kikarea ‘The peculiarities of FYROM’s accession invitation to NATO through the prism of international and constitutional reality, To Syntagma, 1/2018 (2018) (in Greek)

Panagiotis Doudonis and Eirini Kikarea, ‘Accession of FYROM to NATO: A sui generis process of an uncertain outcome’, Cambridge International Law Journal Blog (July 2018)

‘Constitutional practice and the Italian political and constitutional crisis’, Journal of Administrative Law, 2/2018 (2018) (in Greek)

‘Constitutional Conventions and the Italian President’, U.K. Constitutional Law Blog (30 May 2018)

Commentary on the 95/2017 case of the Greek Administrative Supreme Court (on television licensing), Journal of Public Law, 1/2017 (2017) (in Greek)

‘Brexit, the Miller case and the UK constitutional identity’, Journal of Administrative Law, 6/2016 (March 2017) (in Greek)