Dr Simon Lord

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Against Breast Cancer Junior Research Fellow



I am a Senior Clinical Researcher in Experimental Cancer Therapeutics based in the Early Phase Cancer Trials Unit and also a consultant medical oncologist at the Oxford Cancer Centre.

I undertook my clinical training in Southampton, Leeds and Oxford and in 2010 was awarded a CRUK Clinical Research Fellowship with Professor Adrian Harris at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine in Oxford. Here I earned a DPhil for my work investigating therapeutic approaches to target mitochondria and defined two types of metabolic response to the diabetes drug, metformin, in breast cancer. This complex clinical study of breast cancer patients taking metformin integrated novel imaging, genetic and metabolic assays and will hopefully be a key step in repurposing this drug as a potential cancer therapy.

Associated courses
Research interests

My clinical research interests focus on the development of new drugs to treat breast cancer and I am principal and chief investigator on a number of clinical trials of novel therapies and cancer imaging techniques. I have an active collaborative ‘laboratory to clinic’ research programme which uses genetic and metabolic approaches and tumour cells grown directly from patient samples to characterise the behaviour of breast cancers that arise in patients with obesity and diabetes. The Against Breast Cancer Junior Research Fellowship will be instrumental in supporting this work with a view to identifying promising drug targets to assess in future clinical trials.

Selected publications

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