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Mr Zheneng Xie

BA, MMath

I obtained my BA in Mathematics and MMath from Magdalen College.

Upon graduating in 2019, I moved to Oxford where I am currently a DPhil student at the Statistics Department. Initially, I was a member of and taught at St Hugh’s college. In 2021 I joined Oriel College as the Graduate Teaching and Research Scholar in Mathematics and will be tutoring Mathematics for undergraduate students.

Research Interests

I am interested in random graphs and stochastic analysis, in particular the behaviour of large, directed graphs. Many real-life situations can be modelled by graphs, and the inherent complexity of such situations makes viewing the graph as random a valuable technique. Much like how many real-life quantities behave like a bell curve when the sample size is large enough, when the graph is large enough it will start looking like some universal limiting object. Making such results formal and providing proof of them is the primary goal of my research project.

Selected Publications

Donderwinkel, S., & Xie, Z. (2021). Universality for the directed configuration model with random degrees: metric space convergence of the strongly connected components at criticality. Available at: