Mrs Juliane Kerkhecker

Grocyn Lecturer, Fellow and Tutor in Classics / Senior Tutor / Steward of the Common Room
MA Staatsexamen Tübingen
+44 (0)1865 286547

Juliane Kerkhecker is a Fellow of Oriel and the Grocyn Lecturer for the Classics Faculty.

As well as being in charge of the teaching of Latin and Greek languages for the University as a whole, she also teaches Classical Languages and Literature for Oriel. 

Juliane holds the post of Senior Tutor at Oriel. To contact Juliane in her role as Senior Tutor, please email Enquiries may be also be addressed to the Academic Registrar on:

Research interests

Juliane's main literary interests are imperial Latin poetry and the Greek orators, and she is currently writing a commentary on Statius' Thebaid, Book 8.