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Professor Andrew Boothroyd

MA (MA, PhD Camb)

I have been a physics tutor at Oriel since 1992 and am a member of the Quantum Materials and Condensed Matter Physics research groups and leader of the X-ray and Neutron Scattering group in the Department of Physics.

Research Interests

My speciality is condensed matter physics, and I am particularly interested in quantum materials. These are substances in which the electrons behave cooperatively to produce strange and useful phenomena, such as superconductivity and magnetism. More details can be found on my research group website. The famous theoretical physicist Richard P. Feynman said that investigations into physics should be motivated principally by curiosity. At Oriel we aim to encourage students to think about physical phenomena and be curious about their origin. Our goal is to find simple laws that govern the behaviour of complex systems. The analytical and logical skills acquired through studying physics find great applicability in many different occupations.

Selected Publications

Anisotropic local modification of crystal field levels in Pr-based pyrochlores: A muon-induced effect modeled using density functional theory, (2015), Foronda, F.R., Lang, F., Möller, J.S., Lancaster, T., Boothroyd, A.T., Pratt, F.L., Giblin, S.R., Prabhakaran, D., Blundell, S.J., Physical Review Letters, 114:1.

Laser-induced charge-disproportionated metallic state in LaCoO3, (2014), Izquierdo, M., Karolak, M., Trabant, C., Holldack, K., Föhlisch, A., Kummer, K., Prabhakaran, D., Boothroyd, A.T., Spiwek, M., Belozerov, A., Poteryaev, A., Lichtenstein, A.,  Molodtsov, S.L., Physical Review B – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 90:23.

Divacancy superstructures in thermoelectric calcium-doped sodium cobaltate, (2014), Porter, D.G., Roger, M., Gutmann, M.J., Uthayakumar, S., Prabhakaran, D., Boothroyd, A.T., Pandiyan, M.S., Goff, J.P., Physical Review B – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 90:5.

Persistence of magnetic order in a highly excited Cu2+ state in CuO, (2014), Staub, U., De Souza, R.A., Beaud, P., Möhr-Vorobeva, E., Ingold, G., Caviezel, A., Scagnoli, V., Delley, B., Turner, J.J., Krupin, O., Lee, W.-S., Chuang, Y.-D., Patthey, L., Moore, R.G., Lu, D., Yi, M., Kirchmann, P.S., Trigo, M., Denes, P., Doering, D., Hussain, Z., Shen, Z.X., Prabhakaran, D., Boothroyd, A.T., Johnson, S.L., Physical Review B – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 89:22.

Bilayer splitting and wave functions symmetry in Sr3 Ir2 O7, (2014), Moreschini, L., Moser, S., Ebrahimi, A., Dalla Piazza, B., Kim, K.S., Boseggia, S., McMorrow, D.F., Rønnow, H.M., Chang, J., Prabhakaran, D., Boothroyd, A.T., Rotenberg, E., Bostwick, A, Physical Review B – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 89:20.

High-temperature electromagnons in the magnetically induced multiferroic cupric oxide driven by intersublattice exchange, (2014), Jones, S.P.P., Gaw, S.M., Doig, K.I., Prabhakaran, D., Wheeler, E.M.H., Boothroyd, A.T., Lloyd-Hughes, J., Nature Communications, Vol. 5, Article number 3787.

Restoration of the third law in spin ice thin films, (2014), Bovo, L., Moya, X., Prabhakaran, D., Soh, Y.-A., Boothroyd, A.T., Mathur, N.D., Aeppli, G., Bramwell, S.T, Nature Communications, Vol. 5, Article number 3439.