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Professor Christopher Conlon


Chris Conlon is an Honorary Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases in Oxford and Professor of Infectious Diseases at Oxford University.

He trained in Oxford, London and Birmingham and spent 3 years working in Africa in Zimbabwe and Zambia. His main interests are HIV, TB, Travel Medicine and COVID.

Chris is a past Chair of the Joint Specialty Committee on Infection and Tropical Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and past Secretary of the British Infection Society. He served on the Expert Advisory Group on AIDS and is currently on the UK Advisory Panel for Healthcare Workers Infected with Bloodborne Viruses, and the Travel Subcommittee of the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisations. He is Chair of the Tropical Medicine Group in the Nuffield Department of Medicine and is one of the senior editors for the 6th edition of the Oxford Textbook of Medicine.

Selected Publications

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