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Professor Nicholas Eyre

MA, DPhil

Nick Eyre is Professor of Energy and Climate Policy in the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) at the University of Oxford, and Director of the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS).

He has worked on energy efficiency and the environmental impacts of energy use, in particular climate change, for over 20 years. Prior to taking up his role as Director of CREDS, Nick was a Jackson Senior Research Fellow at Oriel.

Before coming to Oxford, Nick was Director of Strategy at the Energy Saving Trust, the leading independent body promoting energy efficiency to UK households. He has an MA in Physics and D.Phil in Nuclear Physics from the University of Oxford.

Research Interests

Nick’s research focuses on energy demand, in particular public policy to promote energy efficiency and reductions in energy use. He is a Co-Director of the UK Energy Research Centre that brings together energy researchers from across UK higher education. His long term research interest is the role of public policy in reducing energy demand and improving energy efficiency, in the context that progress will require a combination of technical, social and policy change. His current research interests cover: Energy demand in energy market reform; market based instruments for energy efficiency; energy demand in the transition to a low carbon society; the role of local government, trade groups and local communities in energy; the interaction energy systems with other components of infrastructure.

Selected Publications