Professor Teresa Morgan

Professor Teresa Morgan
Nancy Bissell Turpin Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History

I have been a Fellow and Tutor at Oriel College since 2000, having studied classics at Cambridge, Theology at Oxford, and violin and viola at the Royal Academy of Music.

I teach and write on Greek and Roman history from the eighth century BCE to the Byzantine era.

Research interests

Among my research interests are the history of ideas and mentality, cultural history, Church history, the history of religions, ethics, theoretical historiography, the history of education and scholarship, and the history of gender and sexuality. In Literate Education in the Hellenistic and Roman Worlds (1998), I explored the role of education in the fast-changing, socially and culturally complex worlds of the Hellenistic kingdoms and the early Roman empire. Popular Morality in the Early Roman Empire (2007) uses proverbs, fables, gnomic sayings and exemplary stories to illuminate the web of moral ideas in use in societies of the early principate. Roman Faith and Christian Faith (2015) examines the meaning and operation of Christian faith at its beginnings, in the double context of Hellenistic Judaism and Graeco-Roman society.

I am now working on the evolution of Christian faith between the second and fifth centuries and its impact on the later Roman empire.

Selected publications

Please see my Classics Faculty page for selected publications.