Policies and Procedures

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Academic Disciplinary Procedures

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Business Continuity Plan

CCTV Code of Practice (WebLearn link for College members)

Conflict of Interest Policy

Donor Charter

Ethical Donations Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Fire Safety Policy (WebLearn Link for College Members)

Flag Flying Policy

Fundraising Complaints Procedure

Health and Safety Policy and Arrangements (WebLearn link for College members) 

Non-Academic Disciplinary Procedures

Policy on Personal Relationships at Work

Safeguarding Policy (WebLearn Link for College members)

Student Complaints Procedure

Student Migration Policy

Vulnerable Persons Policy (fundraising)

Whistleblowing Policy

Public Sector Equality Duty

Oriel College has published details of how it intends to meet the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Revised PSED objectives

Carbon-Neutral Oriel

Oriel College recognises its duty to minimize the effect of the College's activities on carbon emissions. This will involve both behavioural and physical changes and such measures cannot be achieved quickly (especially in an institution with many listed buildings). Therefore in order to achieve carbon-neutrality in the shorter term, it will be necessary to make voluntary offset payments. Oriel has chosen to support the CREES foundation (Peru) in its endeavours.