Fees and Funding


The University of Oxford's undergraduate fees and funding pages have lots of helpful information about the latest university fees and support available for students, and we recommend that all applicants read them thoroughly.

Annual fees and government support will vary depending on whether you are from the UK and EU, or whether you are from a non-EU country, so please ensure you have read all the information carefully. 

Financial Support for Undergraduate Students

In addition to the financial support offered by the University, Oriel is able to offer students further financial support via the following means:


Oriel College Bursaries provide awards to students in the range of £500 - £1, 500 per annum and are granted solely on the basis of financial need. In addition to general bursaries, the College may also award individual bursaries to undergraduates who are either studying particular subjects or who are from particular areas of the UK.

Hardship Grants

The College is able to assist students who run into unexpected financial difficulty via hardship grants. This has been made possible in part thanks to generous bequests from the wills of Major General Lascelles and Mr Charles Tilney. 

Scholarships and Exhibitions

These are awarded to students on the basis of excellent academic achievement and constitute a payment of £120 (for an Exhibitioner) or £200 (for a Scholar).

Academic Resources

This means library, travel grants, fees for language course etc. Oriel is able to assist students with the associated costs of their courses via travel grants, vacation grants, help with fees for supplementary courses and the cost of library books.

Reach Oxford Scholarship

Oriel offers the Reach Oxford Scholarship to students from developing countries who, for political or financial reasons, or because suitable educational facilities do not exist, cannot study for a degree in their own country. The next opportunity for Oriel to admit a Reach Oxford Scholar will be for entry in 2019.

Jardine Scholarship

Oriel is one of four Oxford colleges currently able to take students funded via the Jardine Foundation. Applicants from the following countries are encouraged to look at the eligibility criteria and further details available on the Jardine Foundation Website: Cambodia, China (Mainland), Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam.