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Oriel Graduate Scholarship in Science and Religion

Bridging the Gap Between Scientific Knowledge and Christian Theology

This £3,400 scholarship is awarded annually for up to three years to a postgraduate student whose research focuses on the intersection of Christian theology and scientific thought. Students from all disciplines (including those outside of Theology) are eligible. Candidates from other colleges will be considered provided that they migrate to Oriel when they accept the scholarship. New postgraduate students who have applied to Oriel are also eligible.

In the event that no applicants in a given year have such a focus, the scholarship may be awarded to another postgraduate student in a related field at the discretion of the College’s selection committee.

Oriel has one of the liveliest MCR communities in Oxford, with regular social events and the now well-established ‘Oriel Talks’, which offers graduate students the opportunity to share their research with the rest of the College community.

Status: TBC

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