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Dr Víctor Acedo-Matellán

I studied Classics in my home town, Valladolid (Spain), and a second BA in Linguistics in Barcelona, where I obtained my DPhil in Linguistics.

I have been a lecturer in Linguistics and Catalan syntax at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, a post-doctoral researcher at Universidade do Minho (Braga, Portugal), and a Junior Research Fellow in Linguistics at Queens’ College, University of Cambridge, where I also provided lectures on Ibero-Romance linguistics and tutorials on morphology and syntax. I joined Oriel as a Tutorial Fellow in Linguistics and in Spanish in 2017.

At Oriel, I teach Grammatical Analysis (Paper X) at Prelims level and General Linguistics (Paper A) at FHS level, for students of Linguistics. I also teach the Spanish-English translation papers to students of Spanish, both at Prelims and FHS. I serve as College Tutor to graduate students in Linguistics.

I am an Associate Professor in Portuguese and Spanish Linguistics. Please visit my profile at the website of the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics for information about my lecturing and other tutorial teaching.

The teaching of Spanish at Oriel is generously supported by Santander Universities.

Research Interests

A theoretical linguist, I have specialized in the grammatical realization of argument and event structure and the syntax-lexicon and syntax-morphology interfaces. My overarching interest is the architecture of grammar, i.e., how the different grammatical modules interact, from a generative perspective.

Please visit my personal website for more information about my research and an updated list of and access to my publications and presentations. 

Selected Publications

Acedo-Matellán, Víctor. 2016. The Morphosyntax of Transitions. A Case Study in Latin and Other Languages. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Acedo-Matellán, Víctor & Jaume Mateu. 2015. Parameters and argument structure I: Motion predicates and resultatives. In Antonio Fábregas, Jaume Mateu & Michael Putnam (eds.), Contemporary Linguistic Parameters, 99-122. London: Bloomsbury.

Acedo-Matellán, Víctor & Cristina Real-Puigdollers. 2015. Aspectual and quantificational properties of locative verbs. Acta Linguistica Hungarica 62(2). 1-30.

Acedo-Matellán, Víctor & Cristina Real-Puigdollers. 2014. Inserting roots into (functional) nodes: Categories and cross-linguistic variation. Linguistic analysis 39(1-2). 125-168.

Acedo-Matellán, Víctor. 2014. Can we dance without doing a dance? Two opposite views on the integration of roots in the syntactic structure of the vP. In Bachrach, Asaf, Isabelle Roy & Linnaea Stockall (eds.), Structuring the Argument. Multidisciplinary research on verb argument structure, 23-43. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.