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Dr Katherine New

I completed my BA in Classics and Modern Languages (Hons) at University College, Oxford, my Mst in Medieval and Modern Languages at University College, Oxford and my DPhil thesis in Medieval and Modern Languages at New College, Oxford.

I have been involved in teaching and student support in higher education since 2017, providing teaching support sessions at University College. I have been Graduate Teaching Assistant at New College since 2019, teaching Russian language and literature modules at college and faculty level, and a Research Assistant at St Edmund’s Hall, Oxford, since 2020, working on an online searchable database of the correspondence of Catherine the Great (Principal Investigator: Professor Andrew Kahn, University of Oxford, supported by grants from the British Academy and Leverhulme, as well as two John Fell grants).

Research Interests

My research interests include 19th-21st century Russian drama, Russian poetry of the 19th-20st century, translation theory and practice, film studies and representations of gender.

My publications include articles on the theory of translation and on the practices of translating into synthetic and analytic languages; Russian poetry (from Derzhavin and Pushkin to Mayakovsky and Brodsky); the reception of Classical literature and art in Russian culture; Russian drama of the 19th- the 20th centuries.

I am in the process of preparing a collection of translations (with commentaries and introductory articles) of 20th century Russian plays and a monograph on Russian mythological tragedy. My current research is funded by the AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles
  • New, K. A., ‘Gains and Losses of the Inter-lingual Methodology in the Theory of Diachronic Translation’. Journal of Philology. Voprosy Philologii, № 2 (62). Moscow: The Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Institut Yazykoznaniya RAN), 2018. Pp. 56-67.
  • New, K. A., ‘From Imitation to Refutation: The Canonisation and Decanonisation of the Metaphor of a Poetic Monument in Russian Literature’. In: Steps / Shagi, Vol. 4, № 3-4. Moscow: The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, 2018. Pp. 247-274.
  • New, K. A., ‘Docta Puella in Roman Culture’. In: Philology: International Scholarly Journal. Vol. 18, № 6. Volgograd: Izdatelstvo Nauchnoe Obozrenie, 2018. Pp. 61-67.
  • New, K. A., ‘Roman comedy on the Russian stage: Alexander N. Ostrovsky’s There was not a Penny, but suddenly Altyn and Plautus’ Aulularia’. Studia Litterarum, Vol. 4, № 1. Moscow: Institute for World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMLI RAN), 2019. Pp. 138-159.
  • New, K. A., ‘The Rehabilitation of Masculinity in Gumilev’s Play Acteon’. In: The New Collection, Oxford, 2019. Pp. 24-49.
  • New, K. A., ‘Nostalgic Motifs in a Historiographic Context’, In: Journal of Philology. Voprosy Philologii, № 2 (66). Moscow: The Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Institut Yazykoznaniya RAN) and Russian Academy of Linguistics, 2019. Pp. 186-197.
  • New, K. A., ‘Deception, Illusion and Punishment in Classical Art and Russian Neoclassical Drama’. In: Voprosy Philologii, № 4 (68). Moscow: The Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Institut Yazykoznaniya RAN) and Russian Academy of Linguistics, 2019. Pp. 182-190.
  • New, K.A., ‘Pushkin’s Mystification: Tatiana’s Letter, a Translation from French?’, The New Collection, Oxford, 2020. Pp. 39-60.
  • New, K.A., ‘Italian Futurism in Russian Poetry: Vladimir Mayakovsky’s Poetic Revolution’, International Journal of Language and Linguistics, New York, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2020. Pp. 1-11.
  • New, K. A., ‘On Intercultural Communication in Diachronic Translation’, Functional Aspects of Intercultural Communication. Translation and Interpreting Issues, vol. 7, RUDN University, Institute of Foreign Languages, Moscow, 2021. Pp. 352-359.
  • New, K. A., ‘From Condemnation to Revival of the Feminine: The Transmission and Reception of the Phaedra Myth in Tsvetaeva’s Drama’. In: The New Collection, Oxford, 2021. Pp. 39-60.
Articles in Edited Volumes

New, K. A., ‘On Translating Homeric Epic into Modern Languages: English and Russian’. In: Linguistics and Translation Studies: Collection of Scholarly Articles. Ed. I.M.Netunaeva, A.M.Polikarpov. Arkhangelsk: Northern (Arctic) Federal University, 2018. Pp. 233-244.

  • New, K.A., ‘The Intertextuality of Character Representation in Ancient Historiography’. In: Comparative Literature Across Cultures: Bridging Boundaries Between Verbal and Visual Arts. Ed. K. Gunesch. London: Interdisciplinary Discourses, 2020. Pp. 31-48.
  • New, K.A., ‘The Reception of Horace’s Ode 3.30 in Russian poetry’. In: In Lieu of Duration: Spatiotemporal Excursions in Literature. Ed. M. Stasiowski. London: Interdisciplinary Discourses, 2021. Pp.44-64.
  • New, K.A., ‘The Language of Praise in Russian 18th Century Ode’. In: Music, Poetry and Language. Ed. K. Gunesch. London: Interdisciplinary Discourses, 2021. Pp.133-47.
  • New, K. A., ‘The Transformation of the Cult of the Virgin Goddess in Ancient and Modern Mythology’, Beyond Identities: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender. Ed. E. Domínguez-Rué. London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, 2021. Pp. 93-110.
Non-Academic Publications
  • New, K. A., ‘An Invitation to Vindolanda’ (in Latin). In: Linacre Lines, University of Oxford, 2012. Pp. 20-21.
Forthcoming Articles
  • New K.A., ‘Mythological tragedy as an ideological mask’. In: Mythological Tragedy in Russia and Eastern Europe: Performance, Translation, Ideology, ed. Z. Torlone, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021, Forthcoming.
  • New, K.A., ‘Ignem magnum imperium: The Great Fire of London and the Great Fire of Rome’, Visions and Revisions of the Metropolis, London, 2021, Forthcoming.
  • New, K. A., ‘The Tragedy of the Russian Polyxena: Intertextual Adaptation and Nostalgic Innovation’, Two Ages of Russian Classics, 2021, Forthcoming.
  • New, K. A., ‘A City in Flames: Historiographic Representations of Fire’, International Journal of Language and Literary Studies, Rome, 2021, Forthcoming.
  • New K. A., Innokenty Annensky’s Dramatic and Poetic Works. In preparation.
  • New K. A., Female Voices in Contemporary Russian, Belarussian and Ukrainian Drama. In preparation.