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Chemistry is a central discipline among the sciences, at the interface with physics, biology and medicine. It is concerned with all aspects of materials, including living systems, their physical and chemical properties, how we determine their composition and structure, and how we synthesise such materials and modify them for use in a modern society.

Oriel’s Chemistry tutors have wide-ranging fundamental and applied research interests in modern chemistry, especially efficient asymmetric synthesis of biologically active and structurally intriguing natural products, the chemistry of advanced functional materials, and the theory of chemical reaction rates with application in the understanding of the mechanisms of radiation damage.

Your employment potential with a Chemistry degree is very high, whether or not you exploit your qualifications explicitly. Chemistry furnishes much of the material base of modern civilisation, and chemists are a constant source of innovation. The vast majority of Oxford graduates in Chemistry obtain employment offering not only good career prospects but also job satisfaction and long term security.

Admission Criteria

Conditional offers: A*A*A at A-Level (or equivalent) including Chemistry and Mathematics. The A*s must be in science subjects and/or mathematics. Further information can be found on the Chemistry Admissions page.

Number of places



Department of Chemistry

Teaching Staff

Organising Tutor
Professor David Hodgson

Todd Fellow & Tutor in Chemistry

Professor Volker Deringer

College Lecturer in Chemistry

Professor Nicholas Green

College Lecturer in Chemistry

Dr Vladimir Kuznetsov

College Lecturer in Chemistry

Dr Victor Lee

College Lecturer in Chemistry

Mr Thomas Nicholas

College Lecturer in Chemistry


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