Health and Welfare

The personal well-being of all members of the Oriel community is a priority. In keeping with Oxford tradition, students should feel free to call upon their Tutors regarding welfare matters having an impact on their academic work. Junior members may also call upon any of the people listed on this page for private counsel and guidance at any time. The College's primary welfare contacts are below. They are supported by the JCR and MCR Male and Female Welfare reps, as well as Peer Supporters, who are JCR and MCR members trained to counsel other undergraduates. There is always someone available to lend a listening ear over tea and biscuits, so please feel free to seek out any of these resources at any time!

If there is an emergency or you need to contact someone urgently, please contact the lodge (01865 276555) and they will contact an appropriate member of the Welfare Team.

The Decanal and Welfare Team

Senior Dean: Juliane Kerkhecker

Juliane and the 'Dean Team' are responsible for many of the College's welfare provisions, as well as upholding discipline in College and ensuring a pleasant living and working environment for all students. 


Welfare Dean: Marta Bielinska

Marta is one of the Welfare Deans at Oriel, as well as a BPhil student in Philosophy.



Welfare Dean: Rebekah Van Sant-Clark

Rebekah is one of the Welfare Deans based at the main site, and she is a DPhil student in the faculty of Theology and Religion.



Junior Dean: Abi Yates

Abi is a Junior Dean based at the main site, and she is a DPhil student with the Pharmacology department. She is available to students for a range of assistance; she can help with welfare concerns, as well as administrative issues. She also shares disciplinary roles with the other Junior Dean, Rebekah.


Junior Dean: Azim Rahman

Azim is one of Oriel's Junior Deans and a DPhil student in the Medical Sciences Division. He is the easiest point of contact for students in the Rectory Road/JMH site.


College Chaplain: Rob Wainwright

Rob is Oriel's Chaplain, and he is available to offer confidential counsel and advice to all students, regardless of background or religious beliefs.



Disability, Equality and Diversity Contact: Joseph Cole

Joseph is the College contact for all matters relating to students with mental health difficulties, physical or mental disabilities, learning difficulties, chronic diseases or illnesses and physical impairments. This can include students who will require a special diet or accommodation during their time in College. Joseph can provide information on support available to students and arrange alternative arrangements or adjustments to exams when needed.

If you know you will require adjustments (e.g. additional time, use of word processor, written instructions etc.) for exams, please contact Joseph as soon as possible. This will enable him to notify the necessary bodies within the University. If you are unsure whether or not you require adjustments, please contact Joseph to discuss your needs. 

Reporting Concerns about Racism or Harassment

Following feedback from members of the Oriel student community, we have created an online 'Racial Concerns Form' which can be filled out by any student who wishes to inform the College of a negative experience or any concerns they have had during their time here, in particular if it is in relation to their race or racial identity. Concerns submitted via this form will help the Welfare Team to address the experiences of BAME students in College more generally. Submissions will only be accessed by members of the Welfare Team. We encourage any instances of racism or harassment to be reported to the Welfare Team.

Racial Concerns Form

Other Welfare Resources

**Remember that when calling from phones on the University network, only the last 5 digits are needed for internal calls. To dial an outside number, you must dial 9 first.

Porter's Lodge: (01865) (2)76555

College Harassment Advisors

College Harassment Policy

University Counselling Services: (0)1865 270300

Independent Advice from OUSU

John Radcliffe Hospital: (0)1865 741166

Nightline: (01865) (2)70270

University Security Services (Emergency): (01865) (2)89999

Thames Valley Police (Emergency only): 999

Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre 

University Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service

Medical Provisions

Students are strongly encouraged to register with a doctor once they arrive in Oxford. This could be with the College Doctors, or with another surgery in Oxford. Students who register with another doctor (in Oxford or elsewhere) are required, during the first two weeks of term, to inform the Academic Administrator ( and the College Nurse ( of their doctor’s name. It may be necessary at the time of exams to make emergency contact with your doctor should you not be well enough to sit an exam.

College Nurse

Oriel students can visit the College nurse, Midge Curran, at allotted times five days per week. Surgery times and other practical information can be found on WebLearn.

College Doctors

The College doctors are Dr Joanna Lambert, Dr Laurence Leaver and Dr Mark O’Shea. Their surgery is at the Jericho Health Centre (Tel: 01865 311234). Usually Dr Lambert, Dr O’Shea and Dr Leaver come into Oriel every Thursday from 11.30 – 12.30pm (weeks 1-8). However, due COVID-19 restrictions this is not possible at the present time. All appointments are being held at the Jericho Health Centre in order to maintain social distancing and ensure everyone's safety. You can make an appointment at the Jericho Health Centre by calling: (01865) 311234. Students who are unable to travel to the Jericho Health Centre should contact the Deans.