Mathematics and Computer Science

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This joint degree is aimed at students with interests in both mathematics and computer science. 

There is considerable overlap between mathematics and computer science. Certainly the history of computer science is closely related to developments in 20th century mathematics. Today it is often difficult to decide whether a particular area of study is a branch of mathematics or of computer science and indeed the distinction is not necessarily important.

At first, students will study the disciplines separately. In later years, students are encouraged to find their niche in the overlap alluded to above by choosing from options in both subjects.

Admissions criteria

A-levels: A*AA. If Further Mathematics is taken, then including A*A between Mathematics and Further Mathematics; otherwise including A* in Mathematics.

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For more information contact the admissions office:

Telephone: +44 (0)1865 276522

Organising Tutor/s

Dr Kobi Kremnitzer
Dr Mike Spivey
Computer Science