Fellows & Academic Staff

Alex Homer
College Lecturer in Mathematics
Professor Ian Horrocks
Fellow and Professor of Computer Science
Dr John Huber
T.I. Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science / Tutor for Graduates
Oriel College main doors
Graduate Teaching and Research Scholar in Physics
Dr Aarti Jagannath
College Lecturer in Medicine
Dr Jed Kaplan
Jackson Senior Research Fellow in Land Use and Environmental Change
Mr Steven Kaye
College Lecturer in English Language
Artem Kaznatcheev
Graduate Teaching and Research Scholar / DPhil Candidate in Computer Science
Ms Juliane Kerkhecker
Grocyn Lecturer, Fellow and Tutor in Classics / Senior Tutor / Steward of the Common Room
Professor Katrin Kohl
College Lecturer in German
Dr Kobi Kremnitzer
Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics
Dr Kristine Krug
Fellow and Tutor in Biomedical Sciences